: Why choose a Dance Class for your Hen Party Activity?

Why choose dance as your hen party activity?

With many different dance styles and themes to choose from Dance Divas Dance Classes are suitable for young sisters, mothers-in-laws, grannies of the bride, etc, in fact everyone will love a themed dance class.

Each class is tailored to suit individual groups and the classes cater for all ages, group sizes and fitness levels.

A dance class is a way to "break the ice" and get everyone chatting to each other.  It a brilliant way to kick start a weekend!  

Dancing helps to break down barriers between people and foster an atmosphere of friendly competition that enables participants to perform and encourage each other in a relaxed fun-filled environment.

When a big group comes together to learn a choreography there is that feel good factor that is totally contagious!  The group will work together to achieve a choreography and bond through dancing. 

“Dance is a form of expression. It’s a language all of its own with no words required.  Most of all it’s fun!  You don’t need to be Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers to enjoy yourself.”

Dancing is a brilliant way to bring people safely outside their comfort zones while getting exercise and bonding.  A dance class encourages everyone to relax and it guarantees there will be a lot of laughs in the process.

A themed dance class with Dance Divas is a unique experience as it has many fun elements include in the dance class.  The group gets to dress up in costumes, pose for photos and learn a fun choreography.

Check out Dance Divas Facebook page to see reviews from past Hens, group photos and videos of past classes.