: Hen Party Games

Hen Party Games that are cheap but fun!

Selfie Photo Frame Photos
Its the time of the selfie and what better way to add fun and make memories of your hen party then a giant polaroid frame for your guests to pose inside. You could take photos of the girls before "hitting the town" and (if they will let you) photo the morning after. These frames are easy to buy on ebay or amazon and there are many variations from plane to instragram, face book, personalised frames or fancy ones.

Make a Wedding Dress
For this game you need to buy several family packs of toilet roll and some rolls of sellotape. Get the girls to break into teams and designate one of the group to be the model. Then set a time limit and get the groups to create a wedding dress. The best dress, finished in the time allowed wins.

Knicker Arts & Crafts
For this game everyone needs to bring a plain pair of knickers. And you will need fabric glue, ribbon, buttons, lace, glitter, scissors and anything else you can think of to create a couture pair of underwear. The idea is to decorate the underwear by sowing on buttons, gluing on frills, glitter, bows. Cutting in designs and being as creative as possible. Get the group to then vote on the best pair of knickers. Perhaps take a photo of the group wearing their designs (over their pants or on their heads).

Decorate the Cup Cake
Buy a few packets of plain buns (or bake) and buy some roll out icing, piping icing (which can be bought in piping bags) and cake decorations and offer a prize to the hen who come up with the most creative or decorative bun.