Dance Divas Galway - Lisa's Profile

Dance Divas Galway - Lisa's ProfileI am a Qualified Dance Teacher and I have been dancing since I was 6 years old. I have had training in many dance styles including; Irish Dancing, Jazz, Modern Ballroom, Disco, Bollywood and Egyptian Dance.

I won many awards for Disco Dancing and represented Galway in the Malibu Disco Dancing Championships. I continually develop my own dance style and ability by twice yearly travelling abroad to dance at workshops and events both in Egypt and England. Although Egyptian dance is my speciality, I regularly take workshops in other dance styles as I believe all types of dance can help to enhance one's own dance style.

In 1999 I attended my first Belly Dance Class, and by 2001 I was teaching regular weekly classes myself. In 2005 I was the first Irish person to successfully audition for and be accepted to the JWAAD Academy of Arabic Dance, London, where I completed a 2 year Diploma Course which included training in; Anatomy, Safe Warm Ups, Health & Safety, Safe Stretches and Cool Downs, Musical Interpretation, Teaching Students and Dance Interpretation.

I started Galway Bellydance, in 2008 and I now teach regular weekly Dance Classes from Beginner to Intermediate Level in Galway City and workshops throughout Ireland and England.

I am also a qualified Facilitator with over 16 years experience working with groups. The experience I have gained training groups has made me a better dance teacher as opposed to just being a good dancer.

My work as a facilitator has also helped me with forming the Themed Dance Party Packages to make them suitable for everyone attending from young sisters to mother's of the bride, dancers and non dancers alike.